Drivometer Version 2 Now in Beta

Drivometer Version 2 Now in Beta

Sep 19, 2022

Sep 19, 2022

Today Sun Apps released the first beta of Drivometer Version 2 on TestFlight. Version 2 is a large upgrade to Drivometer with many new features and enhancements.

Drivometer Version 2 also introduces a new wide font style for Drivometer's brand.

Immersive Mode
Built exclusively for the new iPhone 14 Pro, Immersive Mode extends the interface to the very edges of the screen. It takes unique advantage of the Dynamic Island to show your current heading. And when in landscape, Immersive Mode extends the tiles right up to the edge of the Dynamic Island, giving you as much screen space as possible.

New Tile Options
Now in addition to the existing Widgets tile, you have two more great options: Music and Favorites. Music shows you a large Now Playing view for easier access to your music. It will also let you switch between Apple Music / iTunes playlists.* Favorites will help you make calls quicker, providing access to nine preset contacts.*

Dynamic Island*
Version 2 will implement with the new Dynamic Island features on the iPhone 14 Pro to offer a quick glance look at your current speed if you leave the app for a minute.*

Other Great Improvements

  • iPad will have a new interface that shows all four tiles at once, taking much greater advantage of its large display.*

  • The corner radius of the tiles now matches that of your specific device for a more fluid look.

The Current Speed tile now shows your current heading (North, South, etc.)

You can try out the beta via TestFlight here.

*Feature not yet implemented. Subject to be changed or cancelled.