Evergreen Has Been Sunsetted

Evergreen Has Been Sunsetted

Aug 20, 2022

Aug 20, 2022

From Dylan McDonald, CEO of Sun Apps:

"Today, I am announcing that Evergreen has officially been sunsetted.

Evergreen will continue to be available on the App Store for the time being, though this may change in the future. Evergreen's links and buttons have been removed from the Sun Apps website, though you can still access the site here. I also may be unable to provide support for issues with Evergreen.

This decision is being made for a few main reasons:

  • Decrease in available time now that I am in college

  • Wordler has become much larger of project than I first anticipated

  • Many apps are well overdue for updates, such as Ultimate Counter and Drivometer.

  • Evergreen's codebase is very old and outdated, and any updates would require a complete rewrite

  • Evergreen is not a very popular app, totaling less than 5,000 downloads since its release over 2 ½ years ago.

I am sorry to those who are fans of Evergreen, but this is the best decision for Sun Apps overall and for me as a developer. I hope you can understand.

If you're looking for a great replacement app from another indie developer, try out Nudget!"