School Assistant and FFmpeg Command Generator Now Available on Apple Vision Pro

School Assistant and FFmpeg Command Generator Now Available on Apple Vision Pro

Feb 2, 2024

Feb 2, 2024

Sun Apps is excited to announce that today, alongside the launch of the incredible new Apple Vision Pro, School Assistant and FFmpeg Command Generator are available as native visionOS apps on the App Store.

Every part of School Assistant has been looked at and refreshed to feel at home on Apple Vision Pro. The sidebar has been replaced with a tab Ornament, titles and buttons have been refreshed, and every view uses new colors to work beautifully with the new Glass window material.

As part of this process, multiple parts of School Assistant were also rewritten, so all devices should notice some benefits. For example, the saved website viewer has been completely rewritten from the ground up.

The infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro is perfect for using School Assistant. For example, you can open multiple windows and Schoolwork entires, all in your space.

We are also happy to say that the fan-favorite feature of Theme Colors works great with the new visionOS design!

FFmpeg Command Generator also looks and feels great on Apple Vision Pro. The app takes full advantage of the large space available for your apps to show the full interface.

You can also easily copy or share your generated commands to your Mac.

Finally, The Ultimate Counter and Resolutioner are both also available on Apple Vision Pro as compatible iPad apps. Native visionOS versions of these apps are coming in the future.

School Assistant, FFmpeg Command Generator, The Ultimate Counter, and Resolutioner are all available for download from the App Store. Drivometer is not available for Apple Vision Pro, since it requires a GPS, and Apple Vision Pro is not intended for use while driving.

You can download a School Assistant press kit for Apple Vision Pro here, and you can download one for FFmpeg Command Generator here.